About us ?

My name is Abdoul but my friends call me Aziz  , After more then seven years of experience as a shepherd camels & camel tour guide , I started my own company : Camel Trekking Marrakech .

At Camel trekking Marrakech we are a group of young berbers family and friends we work together ,we are original from The sahara desert of Erg-chebbi and its region .

We have a experienced drivers / guides & Camel tour guide ,Our priority is to establish lasting relationships with our customers and
be able to provide better service.


My story with my company :

I was thinking to create this company from a several year ago but always i find a problems on created a website which is something very important at the last years because every one using the internet for book in advance .


We spend many years working together for many Australian ,Europeans & UK tour operators & travel agencies ,and this year and exact in the last april i meet James Watson he is a very special website designer ,I meet him when were in 9 day sahara desert tour from tangier . after a discussion with james he accepted to build for us a website once he arrive home :) .


James & his friends at my home :)

My friends and I traveled with Aziz last april 2016 and everything with them was absolutely incredible. They took care of every detail since we arrive, I accepted to created this website for aziz because i trust him and for sure in next years he will be one of the best moroccan tour companies. If I go back to Morocco I will for sure book another trip with them, its 100% recommendable!!